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AUS 747

DRM Tests in Australia – AM and FM

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the radio network operator (BAI) demonstrated DRM on both AM and FM to fellow broadcasters at the end of June 2022.

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DRM Transmission A22

The A22 frequency for DRM transmissions run until the end of October.. Updates will be added as they are released. Voice of Russia frequencies are not included.  R Kuwait transmissions are erratic and some transmissions are not happening. RNZI listings do not include their many alternative frequencies.

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DPRK on 6140 kHz

A new transmission from North Korea appeared in mid-May 2022 on 6140 kHz presumably directed to Asia. The label is DPRK DRM and is broadcasting in aac+ stereo using 14.56 kbps.

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KTWR MOT website via DRM

KTWR DRM Broadcasts to India

KTWR revises its schedule periodically and is overhauling DRM broadcasts to India. There is no update on the KTWR DRM website but other posts indicate the new schedule will start the first week of July.

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