DRM Tests in Australia – AM and FM

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the radio network operator (BAI) demonstrated DRM on both AM and FM to fellow broadcasters at the end of June 2022.

AUS 747

I picked up the tests on AM 747 kHz late last year via a remote receiver. Almost a year later, on Wednesday 29th June 2022 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and BAI Communications held a public demonstration of DRM on both AM and FM mainly for other broadcasting groups.  The AM signal came from the Wangarrata medium wave site and the FM signal from Mount Baranduda that serves the city of Albury. Both cities are in the same region as Shepparton the well known SW transmitter site that was equipped with anew DRM transmitter shortly before Radio Australia decided that their future was to be online.

When I monitored the AM signal it was relaying Radio National using 16.4 kbps using xHE-AAC audio but other reports mention Double J ( a digital only station) in stereo plus Journaline with a higher bit rate of 26 kbps that is quite high for the xHE-AAC mode that aims to reduce the bit rate that allows for a more robust transmission with a lower error rate. The FM service was reported on 95.5 MHz carrying ABC Radio, SBS Radio 1 and Triple J audio as well as Journaline. To show the full capability of DRM+ the transmission some times included a slideshow.